New in - Autumn hedging


Our Autumn hedging stock is now in and available for purchase. We are holding a large selection of both rootball and potted hedging on site, with a full load of fresh stock delivered into us yesterday. Taxus Baccata, Prunus Rotundifolia, Photinia Red Robin, Prunus Lusitanica Angustifolia and Ligustrum Ovalifolium are all available, in sizes ranging from 50cm through to 2m +. If you require a large quantity (over 60 plants) of hedging or a larger specimen then please let us know and we can source these for you, with weekly deliveries then lead time is quite reasonable.

We source from a large network of growers, both in the UK and Europe, allowing us to offer the best stock on the market for extremely competitive trade prices. If you would like some further information about our stock then please get in touch.