Rochfords International Rose Trials

The Royal National Rose Society in St Albans closed in May 2017 due to unmanageable financial burdens. One of the society’s major undertakings was the trialling of new seedling roses which came from many sources, both national and international. The loss of this work was keenly felt in the industry and as a result, we at Joseph Rochford Gardens Ltd. have re-established the work of seedling trials at our site in Birch Green, Hertfordshire. We are working to become a centre of excellence for rose trials and rose care in the UK by encouraging a wide range of people to engage in the world of roses.

This not-for-profit venture is part of Rochfords CSR commitment and we aim to include not only experts, but also the wider public and in particular, schools, colleges and horticultural societies.

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Where to find us 

The Rochfords International Rose Trials is an annual event hosted at our very own production site. We welcome professionals from all aspects of the Horticultural industry to learn and share knowledge about our trials. You can find us at the following address:

The Birch Green Site, Joseph Rochford Gardens Ltd, The Old Coach Road, Birch Green, SG14 2FB 

How to contact us

For further information on the rose trials, we invite you to contact the following:

Rochfords International Rose Trials
Joseph Rochford Gardens Ltd.,1 Pipers End Nursery
Letty Green, Hertford SG14 2PB
Email: [email protected] | Tel: 01707 261370
Facebook: Rochfords International Rose Trials | Instagram: RochfordsIRT 

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