Heritage Border

As part of our ongoing commitment to horticulture, alongside our international rose trials we have planted a heritage border. This border contains a mix of species roses and heritage fruit trees.

Over many years a wide range of plants have been bred and cared for by a nation of garden lovers. Pests, diseases, fashion, and a change in climate can mean that some of these plants will disappear from our gardens. We have as a nation some very precious cultivars and to ensure they continue for generations to come they need to be present in our gardens. Roses are the nations favourite and many come with stories and memories attached. They form part of British history in large stately homes and gardens, parks, and our own gardens. Some of the roses planted in this border are the ancestors (species roses) of some of the modern roses you will see around the UK. Along side these roses are Heritage fruit trees which are also in need of preservation and form an important part in plant history. These fruit cultivars have over the years become less popular due to commercial viability and tastes changing. Britain has the perfect climate for growing apples and other fruits, many of which are named after areas they are associated with. Most come with some great history and stories, like the apples captain cook took on his voyages (Hunthouse). To ensure they are preserved for years to come, they have been planted along with the roses in a site which sits along side a public walkway, so that we can show, teach, and create enthusiasm for the world of horticulture through these plants.

Heritage means these plants were bred over 75 years ago, so many of the breeders are no longer with us, and to ensure their plants survival, we endeavour to keep these plants going.

Rose Trials Border


Species Border
Rosa banksiae lutea Rosa brunonii Rosa californica
Rosa chinensis viridiflora Rosa x Odonata ‘Mutabilis’ Rosa elegantula ‘Persetosa’
Rosa henryi Rosa xanthina f.hugonis Rosa ‘Laxa’
Rosa moyesii var.fargesii Rosa longicuspis car.sinowilsonii Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'
Rosa nitida Rosa sericea subsp.omeiensis f.pteracantha Rosa nutkana 'plena'
Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Double Pink' Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Double White' Rosa primula
Rosa roxburghii f.normalis Rosa Tomentossa Rosa xanthina 'Allard'


Orchard Border